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Doll Tutorials and Commission how-to information

Basic art doll tutorial by ZombieHunPosable Doll Tutorial By Eviecats by Eviecats911 How To Rescue Dry Clay by LimitlessEndeavours
Don't get played (pt.2) Pricing, ads, etc.This will be someway related to my previous article called "Don't get played" and in this I will be posting a few ideas and tips I have gained over the years on how one could go about: 
* Pricing their artwork
* Gaining more experience and ways to improve
* Advertising 
* and a few other tidbits
So let's start off with Pricing, shall we? 
It seems to be a common problem, more so among younger/novice artists who are looking to start selling their work. It looks pretty easy when you look at the more popular/well known artists who have already established a consumer base and seem to be cranking out commissions left and right. However, let me just clear the air on this before we get started -- Fame isn't everything. Now, I know it may seem like it is the key ingredient to getting customers but that's not the case. Yes, being more well known can help bring in more revenue but it's not what gets you started in the first
Artist Info: How to Price Commissions"The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried"
This is an informative journal to help artists determine fair pricing for commissions, based on my recent poll. I will update this as needed to include new information as it comes in.
This is part of an 'Information Series of journals
- Stand your ground, know your worth!
- [now reading]
- Artist Info: Conducting  yourself professionally
- Client/Buyer info: How to go about commissioning an artist.
***HOLIDAY SHOPPING and coupon…  SpookyXmas14 and save %15 on your total***

Because my first contest created such a buzz and the prizes were very well welcomed by recipients, I am hosting another one before the year is out.

THEME: Have a Spooky Holiday!!!!

rating: Mature

Please submit all entries in the form of a comment and link in the Contest Journal entry :D


1. Must be a watcher/follower. I prefer watchers that have active accounts so I can judge whether or not the entry is legit based upon the consistency of your gallery. So if you forward an entry via instagram or FB, and those accounts aren't art saturated, please send me a link to an active art gallery of yours. Thanks!

2. All entries must be for the purpose for the contest. You may choose any medium but ensure that the nature of the entry wouldn't exceed a Mature rating. Mature rating contains gore, violence or tasteful/artistic nudity or general mature themes (taken from FAs submission process). If you're unsure if your concept would be in compliance, PLEASE note me and ask.

3. All entries must use keywords so that others can find it (or myself): Zombiehun, ZombiehunContest2014 at least these two need to be used.

4. You may submit your entry via dA, fA, wA, Instagram or even on my FB page.

5. All entries should have a commentary to further boost your winning odds. I like artwork that has concept behind it and am always curious to see what you, as an artist, put into your work. I love thinking.....mmmmmmm, brainz.......

6. All entries, on whichever site you choose to upload on, must have a link back to my contest journal.

7. One entry per person.

8. Deadline: Dec 31st 2014


There can be three winners and the winner will get a blind box of goodies. Each blind box will contain a never before seen OOAK mini art doll and some various goodies.

Shipping is on me, but if you want to help pad the costs, you're welcomed to reimburse some or all of the shipping if its going out of the US.


Q. Does it have to be in color?
A. Your entry does not have to be in color, but bare in mind that you're competing with other artists that are using color. So if you firmly believe your black-and-white art is strong, fell free to submit un-colored pieces.

Q. Can we submit a written entry?
A. Yes you may, here are the genres that interest me: Thriller, Horror, Survival.

Q. Will you extend the deadline?
A. No, I never extend deadlines. Its unfair to those that meet my deadlines.  The only time an extension is allowed is if for some balls-aweful reason the website you post on is down and you're unable to communicate with me in any other way.

Q. If we entered in a previous contest of yours, can we enter this new one?
A. YES! even if you were a winner in my last contest, feel free to enter this new one.

Q. Does my entry have to include your characters?
A. NOOOOOoooooooo. I leave these contests open for you folks in order to avoid stifling your creativity. That doesn't mean you can't use your characters however, but please try to ensure that its not too niche of an artwork and ask yourself this, will your character resonate with me? Because I'm still your main audience.

Q. Why wouldn't the prizes be ready to ship in time for Xmas? I'd love to gift it or get it in time for the holidays.
A. Due to the nature of the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Xmas, I too am busy PLUS the dolls aren't even made yet. I'm still a one-zombie-show :)

If you have any further questions, feel free to comment or note me. 

My locations:


ETSY: New coupon in celebration of the contest "SpookyXmas15" saves you 15% when you check out.…

expires 01JAN15


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Do not ask me to sell my doll casts, heres why… . What I offer to sell on Etsy are the ones that I will sell to the public. Never ask to buy what I'm not already offering, its your job to make your own awesome doll parts ^_^ Thank you.</b>

Kiriban 100,000

Catch the 100,000 kiriban and win a free art doll!

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Rat re-sculpting and molding phase.


online aquaintances/penpals and IRL BEST BUDS



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Thank you for watch!!!Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
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You were one of my most favorite artists when I was younger. Before you did dolls and you did colored pencil stuff. I remember you inspired me to do more color pencil stuff and I would send it to you, hehe. It's so nice to see your art has grown and evolved and your dolls are beautiful. :)
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is that you, Chico?
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